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Pest control in Cartersville, GA is what we do at Amerishield Exterminators. We intend to remove all those unwanted pests from...
Termite Control | Amerishield Exterminators | Cartersville, GA | (770) 401-7800
The word termite is one that no one wants to hear. Sometimes the problem presents itself, but with Amerishield...
Rodent Control | Amerishield Exterminators | Cartersville, GA | (770) 401-7800
Rodent control in Cartersville, GA is a nasty business for anyone but the professionals! Let Amerishield Exterminators...

We service Cartersville and surrounding areas

Welcome to Amerishield Exterminators

Are bugs and pests your problem and you need a solution you can trust? Then Amerishield Exterminators is the company that knows how to deal with those pesky problems in your home!

Located in Cartersville, GA, we strive to be the shield around your home, protecting it from critters and crawly things that don’t belong in your house! We love creatures of all shapes and sizes, but we love them outside. And we are sure you do too! So let us get them out of your indoors and keep them in the great outdoors where they belong!

We are available 6 days a week to service your home. Our technicians are trained to handle your visit with professionalism that can’t be beat! At Amerishield Exterminators, we are the good guys for you and the bad guys for your bugs!

Whether it’s a new home or an existing home, a home you just bought or a home you have been in for years, bugs and more have a way of surprising you! And nobody likes those types of surprises!

The horror stories we have heard from customers will take spooky to a whole other level! We have heard it all!

  • Hundreds of wasps flying into a home from the chimney.
  • A plague of flies coming through the vents of the air conditioner in the home.
  • A bug trying to share the bed with clients in the middle of the night by leaping off the ceiling and onto them!

These and countless other testimonies are what we save our clients from on a daily basis. Our stories could fill a book, and we have been the solution to all of those and more! Let us come and save the day by turning your Temple of Doom back into the home you love!

-Bed bugs 
-Carpentor ants 
-Ear Wigs 
-Fire Ants 
-Silver Fish 
-Stink Bugs 
We get rid of any other insect you can think of!